Turning Back The Clock On Aging Skin

Is your skin starting to lose it's radiant appearance? At Essence of Beauty Ottawa, our facial rejuvenation treatments offer a solution to reviving tired skin, turning back the clock and fighting the aging process by addressing a host of minor imperfections.

As you age, your skin gets drier and thinner and starts to lose its plump, radiant appearance. The loss of collagen in your skin, as well as exposure to the elements, causes wrinkles, skin laxity and gives your skin a dull appearance. You’ll likely notice your face losing its firmness and tightness most around your eyes and mouth. You could opt for Botox injections, cosmetic surgery or laser treatments, however these options can be painful and only provide short term beauty results. They don’t do anything to help your skin produce more collagen and repair damaged cells.

Essence of Beauty Facial Rejuvenation offers a solution to reviving tired skin, turning back the clock and addressing a host of minor imperfections. We offer different non-surgical facial rejuvenation options, allowing us to customise treatment to the unique needs and desired outcome of each client. In addition to helping you look your best. These treatments are designed to re-educate and re-train your skin cells, repair skin barrier and restoring optimal skin health. No two treatments are the same and are completely tailored to your skins needs on that day.

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Treatment Options

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  • Radiance Hydro Infusion Facial
  • Professional Peels
  • DMK Muscle Banding
  • Growth Factor Microneedling
  • Herbal Green Peel

Radiance Hydro Infusion Facial

Our signature Radiance Hydro Infusion Facial is the latest innovation in skin rejuvenation and one of our most requested facial treatments at Essence of Beauty. This HydraFacial alternative provides an instant glow and boost in hydration due to the ingredients being absorbed 97% better than topical application alone. It also has a brightening effect for that coveted lit-from-within glow! Throughout the treatment, the skin is literally being drenched with wonderful elixirs and serums. The best part is that it’s non-invasive and there is absolutely no downtime!

Package Price when pre-pooked and pre-paid:Single treatment:$178Package of 4:$650Advanced Add-ons available with Radiance Hydro Infusion FacialLearn More
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Before & After Treatment
Before & After Treatment

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