Essence of Beauty, Ottawa’s Holistic Anti-Aging Skincare Spa specializes in facial rejuvenation treatments using highly effective natural and organic formulas that combine age-defying science with nature’s most repairing elements. My philosophy is based on the belief that meeting my clients’ needs, your needs, is of utmost importance. This is my passion and my dedicated commitment to you.
To help us work together to meet your needs, I offer you a soothing environment, one that allows you to bask in the pleasure of filling beautiful, and reminds you of the importance and enjoyment of feeling beautiful… every single day.
You will experience the highest quality of service and find the latest, most advanced skin care products and treatments, all offered at reasonable prices and with a personal touch. Believing a person’s well-being is an integrated, living creation, my approach to health, beauty and skincare is holistic.
To that end, these are some of the benefits I offer you at Essence of Beauty:

  • treatments that incorporate the latest, healthiest and most effective skincare science and research
  • skincare products that are not only free of acids, harsh chemicals and abrasives, but are organic and actually regenerate your skin to more youthful, beautiful you
  • follow-up encouragement and support to ensure you experience the maximum benefit from every treatment
  • constant monitoring of your progress in meeting your skincare goals

As a European trained aesthetician with 20 plus years’experience, I started Essence of Beauty in 2001. My business continues to grow as I offer my clients the most advanced products and techniques. In short, I love what I do and I love the joy in my clients’ eyes and voices when they tell me how much I have helped them. You inspire me.

The treatments I offer are both simple and sophisticated based on each client’s unique and personal requirements. My specialty is natural and organic skin care that rebuilds and regenerates the skin from the inside out. I have researched and use state of art, non-surgical, non-invasive, anti-aging facial treatments. These include Ultrasound, Radiofrequency, Micro-current, Galvanic, Derma Ray, Dermal Infusion and Herbal Green Peel┬« therapies, Salicylic Acid Peel. My more traditional treatments include waxing, skin tag and red spot removal and repair of damaged facial capillaries with Vasculyse. Of course I am constantly researching new treatments and expect to add them to my services in time.

I have been successfully using skincare lines that work wonders on teenage and adult acne, rosacea, ultra-sensitive and other chronic skin problems, as well as issues associated with normal aging. The lines I have chosen are 302skincare, Yonka, KNutekMD, OsmosisMD as well Mineral Makeup.

302 and OsmosisMD are brand new to Canada and use the most advanced skincare science available anywhere at any price.

My goal is to make a difference for anyone interested in learning how to bring to their faces, health and that natural beauty we all love. I am committed to providing the educational tools and maintenance programs you need to achieve your goals.

Healthy skin is an art and a science beauty does not happen overnight. It takes time, research and study, experience and dedication- all of this I bring to you.

I invite you to take a moment to browse through my Services. Learn something new and exciting about skincare. Discover how I can assist you at Essence of Beauty.

Let’s awaken the beauty that is the true you!


My operating hours are days and evenings Wednesday through Friday and days only Saturday. To book an appointment or for a free consultation, please call me at (613) 220-2101 . I would welcome the opportunity to discuss the best treatment for your skin!

My spa address, map and booking policies are found on the Contact page.